Riding The Red Devil - as an Oncology Massage Therapist.

Two Of Us Are In a Room

One of us is sick. 

She has lost what would’ve identified her as a girl. The thing women look to have, develop, and maintain throughout our lives. Yes, the very same thing that causes teenage girls to cry over the pain of them growing.

They are for much more than looks-they symbolize what we, as women associate with being feminine. In this room, the doctors have taken both of her breasts to try and save her life. They tell her the illness ravaging her body is hormone-based and she must have a full hysterectomy to live.

We all know there is so much more to being a woman than breasts and a womb, but can you tell her that? Can you tell her that she is still a woman as she sits in this chair with poison being fed into her body to try and shake the disease?

She has already cut  her hair. She said now she has to shave it off, because it hurts her. She is losing the feeling on the bottom of her hands and feet because of the side effects of the poison. It will also come out of her red-tinged urine. There is a reason they call it the Red Devil and nothing about it is pleasant.

Ironically, the goal is to kill the thing trying to kill her. She is keeping her head up, fighting with both fists, all the while taking the Red Devil for a ride.

The other one in the room knows that, although today is well, tomorrow can be a very different story. We spend far too long putting off dreams and wishes for a tomorrow that is not promised to anyone.

The greatest joy is in helping others feel loved and comfortable in their own bodies. Sneak in and sneak out, letting the body feel that moment of love and comfort. Even if just for a brief moment in time, a massage can offer a wealth of comfort.

Death comes for us all. Remember, just because two people are in a room and one is ill, even with cancer, it doesn't mean you will not be the one to die first.  Live your life like you are on a deadline.

We are ALL on a deadline.

I know it is hard. I am trying to live my life without fear or regrets. Cancer is not a death sentence. The survival rates grow with new advances in medical research.

The fact remains – people die every day. 

Love and be kind to each other – that’s the ultimate goal of why we’re all here.

** Adriamycin is the Chemotherapy brand drug name for the generic drug name Doxorubicin. Which is often referred to and nicknamed "The Red Devil".

- Edit Credit- Devon Dean


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