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How Massage Therapy became my employment and passion

One day while at work it became so clear to me.
All my life I have fought to be me. Fought to be who - I - wanted to be. Look and dress the way that I want to. Demand others to treat me the way I want to be treated and know that I am never going to be what any one else wants me to be. I have ended relationships with friends and lovers/ husbands/ boyfriends that did not serve me. That were toxic to me in some way or another. So how in my 41 years of life have I been so brazen with all these relationships but the one relationship that literally is the biggest part of my day, every day? How did I miss that the place that I have spent approximately 24,960 hours of my life at is the most toxic relationship I have ever had. My place of employment. Then it hit me. If my job was my boyfriend, I would have dumped him LONG ago.

So when this sadness hit me, like a huge brick wall, I realized that I needed to find what it was that brought me joy. So I thought about it one day about the things…